How Good Or Bad Of A Kisser You Are Based On Your Sign (2023)

The truth is that everyone has a lot to learn when it comes to kissing, even those of you who could consider yourself veterans.

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How Good Or Bad Of A Kisser You Are Based On Your Sign (1)

At some point when you’re kissing someone that you really like, the question might cross your mind: “Am I doing this right?” Even if you have plenty of experience, we all worry about our kissing abilities every now and then! We wonder if the other person is actually enjoying it or they’re just pretending, if we’re being too reserved or if we went for it too fast, if they need to come up for air-you know, that sort of thing. The truth is that everyone has a lot to learn when it comes to kissing, even those of you who could consider yourself veterans. This is because everyone likes something different, so the most important thing is to learn how to respond to your partner. How can you tell if you’re a bad kisser or not? As usual, your zodiac sign just might have a little something to say about it.


12 Aries: Sloppy Kisser

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Okay, Aries, we know you don’t want to hear this, but the truth’re a bit of a sloppy kisser. It’s okay! There’s always room for improvement. And honestly, the reason that you do this is actually kind of adorable. When you meet someone who you really, really like, you just want to skip over all the boring parts, let them know how you feel, and then go in for the kiss. You see no point in dragging things out-if you like someone and want to kiss them, well, life is short, so you’re just going to go for it! But sometimes, this means you have a tendency to rush things a bit, and in your haste to kiss this person, your technique goes out the window. Don’t be afraid to try slowing it down a little next time and changing up your style a bit it can be quite romantic!

11 Taurus: A Good Kisser...Once You Don't Hold Back

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Taurus, you like everything to go a certain way, and you hate deviating from the plan. Therefore, a spontaneous hook up is not exactly your area of expertise. And we’re not saying you should ever rush into something that you’re not 100% comfortable with you do you! But when you eventually do lean in to kiss the person you like, don’t hesitate, just go for it! While Aries has a tendency to rush right into things, you actually have a habit of holding back. And sometimes your partner can’t tell whether or not you’re really into it! When you finally do get to that special moment where you kiss someone that you’re into, you don’t have to hold back anymore. Taurus, you ARE a good kisser (since you hate doing anything less than 100% perfect), so make your move with total confidence, and you’ll be surprised when your partner is super impressed!

10 Gemini: The Best Of The Best

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Gemini, we’re just going to give it to you straight, you are probably one of the best kissers of the zodiac. Why is that? Well, first of all, you have plenty of practice, you’re a big fan of casual dating, so you’ve kissed all kinds of people, and you’re not shy about making the first move when you feel the time is right, which is awesome! People love that kind of confidence. Plus, you have no problem adapting to what your partner likes. Since you’re the sign represented by twins, you have a few different sides to your personality that come out depending on who you’re with. So if your new partner is into something totally different than your last partner, you have no issue with changing up your usual style a bit. Because you are so adaptable, anyone you hook up with tends to be pretty happy with the whole situation.

9 Cancer: Like Magic

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Cancer, you’re so sweet and loving, it’s no wonder you’re such a good kisser! To you, kissing is about so much more than just physical contact. When you kiss someone, you really want to connect with them on a deeper emotional level. It’s not just about locking lips! Cancer, for you, that moment when someone you like leans into kiss you is absolutely magical. It feels like your first kiss all over again, and you get those crazy butterflies in your stomach! Keep up the good work, Cancer. You’re not one for fancy techniques or switching it up too often. You tend to keep it sweet and simple. But that’s why it works so well! You have so much passion behind every kiss that even if it’s just a little more than a peck, you can sweep your partner off their feet. Who wouldn’t want to date a Cancer girl?

8 Leo: A Little Overconfident

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Okay, Leo, don’t get defensive, but we’re about to give you a little constructive criticism here. So, we know that you’re always out to impress the person you’re interested in. And you’re not shy about letting them know exactly how you feel. You don’t really hesitate, if you like someone, you tell them, and if they feel the same way, you’ll lean in for the kiss right then and there. You’re definitely not shy about it! But we have to be honest with you about something, you can be a little overconfident. Yes, Leo, overconfident, who could have imagined! Leo, you’re so confident in every area of your life that sometimes you don’t pay attention to exactly what your partner likes. You’re already so sure that things are going perfectly that you may not realize they’re not super into your style. Learn to pay close attention to your partner’s body language to avoid this.

7 Virgo: You Woke Up Like This

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Alright, Virgo, your perfectionist nature pays off when it comes to kissing. You tend to be a fabulous kisser! Sure, you might not hit it off with someone who is super spontaneous and therefore tends to be a bit sloppier, but other than that, there are very few people who would complain about your kissing technique. It’s not like you practice kissing your mirror or anything, okay, well, maybe when you were in middle school but you do pay very close attention to how your partner is responding. And you pay attention like this every time that you kiss someone. Sometimes you approach it like you’re gathering data. But this is how you approach everything in life, so you find it sort of romantic. You just really care about making sure that your partner feels good and enjoys the experience. Good for you, Virgo you really have no problems in the kissing department.

6 Libra: Confident Kisser

How Good Or Bad Of A Kisser You Are Based On Your Sign (8)

Libra, just like Virgo, you’re a total perfectionist. And when it comes to kissing, this really pays off. But here’s why. It’s not because your technique is without flaws although you do have it down pretty well. It’s because you’re so selective about who you kiss! You pride yourself on having good taste in absolutely everything, so of course this would include the people you hook up with. Unless you do feel like you’re super compatible with someone, you’re not going to make a move, and you’re going to refuse them if they try to! But if you do feel like you’re getting along really well and you’ll both be into it, you’ll go for the kiss with 100% confidence. You’re not going to do something unless you’re super sure of it, and with an attitude like that, you leave little room for failure. Being picky can be a good thing!

5 Scorpio: Your Intensity Could Be Intimidating

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Scorpio, it should come as no surprise to you that your partners think of your kissing technique as pretty intense. Look, when you go for it, you really go for it, to a Scorpio, there is no such thing as holding back! However, this can either be a turn on or a turn off. If the person you’re kissing is super into you, then yeah, it’s going to be a huge turn on, and they’ll be happy that you’re so into it and you’re not shy about it! But what if the person you’re kissing isn’t super sure of how they feel yet? Well, they might be a little intimidated by your intensity and try to back off a little. Scorpio, the key here is to gauge your partner’s level of interest before you two get physical. If they just see it as a casual thing, go slow and ease into it.

4 Sagittarius: Wandering Kisser

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Sagittarius, you’re a big fan of kissing. You don’t take it too seriously, if you like someone and they’re giving you a good vibe in return, you’ll lean in for the kiss without much of a second thought. But because you’ll happily kiss people you’re not super interested in, just for the thrill of it, your partner can sometimes tell that you’re not really into it. And that can hurt! You tend to let your mind wander while you’re hooking up with someone, which is a typical Sag habit that can be pretty hard to break. But never fear, you can always work on it! For starters, try to be mindful when you’re kissing someone. Don’t just let your thoughts wander off and start comparing them to someone else. Really focus on staying in the moment and paying attention to how they respond to you, and it will be way more enjoyable.

3 Capricorn: Waiting For The Right Time

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Capricorn, you’re not exactly known for being the most romantic sign of the zodiac. While you do tend to have successful long term relationships, it’s because you sort of view them as a project, you’re a hard worker and you never give up, so you’re not the type to just let problems fester. However, dating can be a real challenge for you. Because you’re not super outwardly romantic, even getting to the point of kissing someone can feel like an uphill battle. You never seem to know when the right time is, or whether or not your partner is really ready for it. Our advice: don’t treat it like a project! Just really do your best to try to enjoy the moment, and forget about any expectations that you have for the future. It doesn’t have to be perfect as long as you’re both enjoying yourselves! Just let go and have fun.

2 Aquarius: Unpredictable Kisser

How Good Or Bad Of A Kisser You Are Based On Your Sign (12)

Aquarius, you never like things to be boring especially when it comes to kissing. If you want things to be exciting, you know that you need to keep the sparks flying! Because of that, you try to mix things up during a hook up. Sure, you might start off sweet and slow like a Cancer would, but a few minutes later, you might go full Scorpio and really kick up the intensity. If your partner is into that and finds it exciting, by all means, go right ahead! But make sure that you pay close attention to what your partner really wants! If they’re really enjoying something that you’re already doing, there’s no need to switch things up just yet. You never want to be seen as boring, so you may feel like you have to, but keeping your partner happy is really just as important when it comes to hooking up.

1 Pisces: Quite The Experience

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Pisces, when you’re kissing someone you really like, you get super into it. Like Libra, you tend to avoid hooking up with anyone that you’re not already really interested in, so that passion is always there. You tend to lose yourself completely in the moment, and hooking up with a Pisces is quite an experience because you’re not afraid to show how you really feel. You’re definitely a good kisser, but sometimes, you build up the experience a certain way in your imagination, and if things start to go differently than you planned, you feel a little annoyed. Pisces, we know you live in dream world, but just like Sag, you should work on being focused and mindful while you’re kissing someone. Not everything will go exactly as you imagined it would, and that’s okay! Real life and real romance can be better than anything you dreamed up in your wildest imagination.


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