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Is there a downside to using GoodRx? ›

Over 783 users on the popular review site TrustPilot rate GoodRx a 3.5. While 80% of customers rate the popular discount card as excellent, another 14% rate the company as bad. The most common complaints seem to be related to customer service and discounts that change or are not honored at the pharmacy.

Why do pharmacies not like GoodRx? ›

“Pharmacies hate GoodRx's system since they lose money from the potential profit, they would have made from cash paying customers and then also lose money when they pay a fee for selling to a patient who might have used their pharmacy anyway,” says Dr. Fein.

What has happened to GoodRx? ›

GoodRx stock tumbles as 2022 revenue expected to take a hit from grocery chain prescription dispute. GoodRx expects its 2022 revenue to take a hit due to recent actions by one grocery store chain that represents a sizable chunk of its grocery prescription business.

Is anything better than GoodRx? ›

Bottom Line. In terms of price, SingleCare beat out GoodRx with nearly every medication we searched for. Even if you were to pay for the GoodRx Gold subscription, SingleCare still often offers the lower price.

What is the GoodRx controversy? ›

A reckoning has come for GoodRx: The Federal Trade Commission accused the prescription discount drug platform on Wednesday of sharing sensitive health information with big tech companies like Google, Facebook. and Twilio. GoodRx has agreed to settle, paying a fine of $1.5 million.

Is Walmart no longer accepting GoodRx? ›

Does Walmart accept GoodRx discount cards? Yes. If you have a free GoodRx discount card, you will be able to use this at any Walmart pharmacy to avail discounts. However, GoodRx Gold cards cannot be used at Walmart.

How reliable is GoodRx? ›

The GoodRx mobile app has average 4.8 star ratings on both the iTunes and Google Play stores, with over half a million reviews combined. GoodRx is also the number one medical app on iTunes. In addition, our customers often share their experiences on social media platforms and online forums.

Is GoodRx always accurate? ›

GoodRx says the prices listed on the app are “generally very accurate.” However, you can call 1-855-268-2822 to speak with customer support if there's a price dispute at checkout.

Who is competition for GoodRx? ›

GoodRx's top competitors include Rx Savings Solutions, Capital Rx, and NowRX.

What is the gimmick behind GoodRx? ›

GoodRx lists free discount prices and provides coupons so you can receive a discounted price when you pick up your prescription. It's all free! Depending what your copay fee or coinsurance percentage charge is, GoodRx might be the better way to go to save more.

How does GoodRx make prescriptions so cheap? ›

GoodRx offers discount cards and coupons for consumers to take to the pharmacy, often allowing them to get a lower price.

How do I get my money back from GoodRx? ›

Need a refund? No problem, we're here to help. Call us at 1-855-846-4665. We are available from 6AM - 9PM Central Time, 7 days a week.

Did Walgreens stop taking GoodRx? ›

2. Will My Pharmacy Accept GoodRx? More than 70,000 pharmacies in the United States — including major chains like Costco, Kroger, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens — will accept GoodRx. When you search GoodRx for your medication, you'll see all of the pharmacies on the drug price page.

Why are GoodRx prices different at different pharmacies? ›

GoodRx uses claims data to show prices for the manufacturer that is most commonly dispensed in your area and at your pharmacy chain. Different manufacturers may have different prices depending on the pharmacy benefit manager (PBM).

Do pharmacies have to honor GoodRx? ›

Are pharmacies required to accept GoodRx coupons? Participating pharmacies are required to accept GoodRx through contracts with their pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). An exception is for controlled medications. Accepting a GoodRx coupon for a controlled medication is always at the discretion of the pharmacist.

How often does GoodRx beat insurance? ›

Not exactly. It may come as a surprise, but GoodRx coupons beat insurance a lot of the time. In fact, for the 100 most prescribed drugs, GoodRx users paid less than the average insurance copay 37% of the time, with savings up to 54%.

What is the difference between GoodRx and SingleCare? ›

Both SingleCare and GoodRx are completely free to use. However, GoodRx has a premium membership program that can deliver additional savings for a price. SingleCare does not.

Is Clever RX better than GoodRx? ›

About 40% of the medications are $10 or less with the Clever Rx voucher and beat the average copay 80% of the time. Their drug costs beat other discount programs such as GoodRx, pricing by 60-70%. It is 100% FREE to you!

How does GoodRx get compensated? ›

GoodRx is free for consumers, and we do not require that you create an account to search for prices and receive discounts. We make money from advertisements on our site and referral fees.

Who pays the difference when using GoodRx? ›

GoodRx is not insurance. If you find a better price on GoodRx than what your coverage offers, ask the pharmacist to use the coupon and process the transaction as a “cash” payment instead. They will use the codes on the GoodRx coupon to find your new price.

Why is CVS not taking GoodRx? ›

Can CVS Deny GoodRx? According to contracts signed between GoodRx and the Pharmacy Benefit Managers of participating pharmacies, all stores must accept GoodRx. Therefore, the only way CVS can deny GoodRx is when a CVS pharmacist rejects it for controlled substances.

Can you use GoodRx twice? ›

GoodRx coupons do not expire; you can use and reuse the coupons as often as you like. As prices fluctuate, we sort through all of the available discounts for a particular pharmacy and medication, then we post the discount with the current lowest price.

Does every pharmacy honor GoodRx? ›

GoodRx coupons will help you pay less than the cash price for your prescription. They're free to use and are accepted virtually every U.S. pharmacy. Your pharmacist will know how to enter the codes on the coupon to pull up the lowest discount available.

What are the pros and cons of using GoodRx? ›

One of its special discount programs even offers select medications completely free of charge. The drawbacks of using GoodRX include the fact that many of its programs have membership fees and that it has received some significant negative press due to consumer data privacy concerns.

How do pharmacies make money with GoodRx? ›

When a patient redeems a GoodRx discount coupon, the pharmacy pays a fee to the PBM, who splits the fee with GoodRx. GoodRx also takes in membership fees from consumers and marketing revenue from pharmaceutical companies that use its platform.

Did Walmart stop taking GoodRx? ›

Does Walmart accept GoodRx discount cards? Yes. If you have a free GoodRx discount card, you will be able to use this at any Walmart pharmacy to avail discounts. However, GoodRx Gold cards cannot be used at Walmart.

Does Walgreens honor GoodRx card? ›

Where can I use GoodRx? GoodRx coupons are accepted at most retail pharmacies, such as CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, Rite Aid, Costco, Walmart, King Sooper, Safeway, Frys, HEB, VONS, Raley's and more.

What company is behind GoodRx? ›

GoodRx Holdings, Inc. is an American healthcare company that operates a telemedicine platform and a free-to-use website and mobile app that track prescription drug prices in the United States and provide cheap drug coupons for discounts on medications.
Key peopleTrevor Bezdek (co-CEO) Doug Hirsch (co-CEO)
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